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How to Start a Blog
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How to Start a Blog

1)  Get Your Own Domain Name for Life!
2)  Up to 6 WordPress® Blogs Plus 100's of Templates
3)  Hosting, 10 Emails, URL & Email Forwarding+
4)  Free Video Training to Set Up & Market Your Blog
5)  Generous Affiliate Program - Make Money for Life!
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How to Start a Blog for Free

How to Start a Blog for Free

Learn how to start a blog for free by joining GDI, otherwise known as Global Domains International or  

With GDI, you get a domain name, your main site plus 5 extra WordPress blogs that can be set up easily as sub-domains, 10 emails, email and url forwarding and much more.   

 GDI members have full access to everything the system offers for free, even during the 7 day trial.  If you like the system, just keep it and pay only $10 a month!

If it's not for you, cancel anytime during the first 7 days and pay nothing! 

You may set up the main site as a WordPress blog or website.  The main site and up to 5 more WordPress blogs can be set up with push-button ease.

GDI's website also has it's own SiteBuilder with dozens of professionally designed templates or you may use your own website builder. 

The WordPress blogs can be set up with push-button ease within GDI.  And the video training shows you exactly what you need to do to have a professional looking blog on the Internet. 

GDI is much more than just a blogging system.  Setting up a WordPress blog through GDI gives you the chance to make passive income by putting a banner or text link on your blog. 

GDI's affiliate videos do the selling for you automatically, deliver the sites to new members automatically and do the follow up, welcome & training for you automatically.  All for just $10 a month!  Try it free! 

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How to Start a Successful Blog

How to Start a Successful Blog

How to start a successful blog by setting up a WordPress blog through GDI with your own domain name and why you should:   

1)  GDI uses the WordPress platform for blogs and this platform can be read easier, faster and is held in high regard by the search engines. 

2)  Because GDI sets up your WordPress site on your own domain name, it's easier for the search engines to assign one theme to your one site vs. many themes to a shared blog site.  It may help to get higher ranking and more free traffic on the search engines faster and easier for a single theme blog set up on your own GDI domain.

3)  GDI provides multiple videos to learn how to set up and market your blog from within the GDI back office. 

4)  WordPress blogs set up through GDI are eligible for the GDI affiliate program.  By placing a text or banner link on your blog(s), you'll be able to make money easier and faster.  When people click the text or banner link & watch the affiliate videos that do the selling for you, they usually sign up for GDI automatically. 

5)  By joining GDI here, you'll be eligible for our free training on how to get your blog to the top of the search engines so you can get free traffic.  More traffic for your blog means more sales and that means more money in your pocket. 

6)  Getting your blog to the top of search engines easier and faster means you'll have less advertising to pay for which also means less cost for you and more money in your pocket. 

How to Start a Blog and Make Money

How to Start a Blog and Make Money

1)  Make Affiliate Money Using a WordPress Blog Through GDI 

WordPress blogs through GDI can link to affiliate videos through text or a banner on your blog like the one below: 

How to Start a Blog and Make Money

By linking a banner or text to a free GDI video sales page, you can make passive income as the videos do the selling for you automatically.  

The GDI affiliate program pays multiple ways; one time learning bonus, weekly $100 bonuses, monthly team bonuses and monthly residual income... learn more

2) Place Ads On Your Blog

  • Adsense
  • Commission Junction
  • Clickbank

3)  Promote Affiliate Products On Your Blog

  • Amazon
  • Other Affiliate Programs & Products
  • Use References Like (DSA or BBB to locate viable programs or products to promote

4) Build a List of Followers to Your Blog

  • Give away something of value like an eBook or news letter to get opt ins
  • Turn your opt in list into a sales list to sell more products or services

5)  Create eBooks Full of Valuable Information To Sell On Your Blog

Sell your eBooks on your blog & through Clickbank.

6)  Start a Members Only Section of Your Blog for Paid Members